Kokon / Cocoon

​​​2020 / feature / Amira / DCP / 95min

Screenplay by: Leonie Krippendorff

Directed by: Leonie Krippendorff

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Production: Jost Hering Filme

Coproduction: ZDF kleines Fernsehspiel

Distribution: Edition Salzgeber

world sales: m-appeal


*Berlinale, Generation14plus world premiere 2020

*shortlist Deutscher Filmpreis 2020

*in cinemas 2020


Nora, a shy 14-year-old Berlin girl, will never forget this way too hot summer. Surrounded by people with disrupted biographies, from different cultures and backgrounds, she makes her way into adulthood. Nora gets her first period, falls in love with another girl, learns to stand up for herself and gets her heart broken for the first time. When summer ends, things will never be the same again for Nora.



Soko Hamburg  ep. 13 / 14 / 15 / 16

​​​2019 / tv series / 4x 45min

"Tödliche Wende"

"Unter Verdacht"

"Tod einer Unsichtbaren"

"Unter Fischern"

Directed by: Esther Bialas

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Production: Network Movie / ZDF


Svanurinn / The Swan

​​​2017 / feature / Amira / DCP / 91min

Screenplay by: Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir

Directed by: Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Production: Vintage Pictures [is]

Coproduction: Junafilm, Kopli Kinokompanii [est]

world sales: m-appeal

*TIFF Toronto International Film Festival, Canada 2017 world premiere

*Best Film - Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt 2017

*Best Director - Kolkata International Film Festival, India 2017

*Jury Special Mention Award - Santa Barbara Film Festival, USA 2018

*Special Mention - Skip City International Film Festival, Japan 2018

*Distribution Prize - Napoli Film Festival, Italy 2018

*Best Cinematography nomination at Eddan Awards 2018

*in cinemas 2018, North America, China , Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, Italy

As free-spirited as the waves, a young girl finds herself after meeting her soulmate.

A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can hardly grasp. (imdb)


​​Maybe, Baby!

​​​2016 / feature / C300 / DCP / 80min

Screenplay by: Julia Becker

Directed by: Julia Becker

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Production: Oma Inge Film

Distribution: W-Film

*Festival des deutschen Films, Ludwigshafen Germany 2017 competition

*Biberacher Filmfestspiele, Biberach Germany 2017 competition

*in cinemas 2018

Marie is in her mid-thirties and has been with Sascha for a very long time, sometimes she does not even know for how long exactly. The next phase in their relationship is initiated as they only get naked on her fertile days. But does she really want it? The big picture? Or rather be wild and free? When the questions in her head get too loud, she hits the “mute” button. Until she finds herself in a chalet in the mountains, with three others. Learning that no decisions are decisions. Running away is no option, so it gets straight down to the nitty-gritty. (imdb)



​​​2014 - 2015 / feature / DSLR / DCP / 80min

Screenplay by: Julius Schultheiss

Directed by: Julius Schultheiss

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Production: Finderlohnfilm

Distribution: Darling Berlin


*Berlinale, Perspektive deutsches Kino 2016

*Best feature - Achtung Berlin / new berlin film award 2016

*Best feature - Corto Creativo UDCI Tijuana, Mexico 2016

*Director`s award - North Carolina Film Awards, USA 2016

*Best narrative feature - Queens World Film Festival, USA 2017

*in cinemas 2016


Lotte meets her 16 years old daughter which she haven´t seen since she gave birth to her. Greta, the daughter, wants to stay at the mother´s place to get to know her but Lotte is incapable of playing the role of a mother. She takes her to parties, makes her drink, smoke and take drugs but even though she tries to keep distance they find a way to get close to each other.



​​Nach dem Regen / When the rain is over

​​​2013 / Alexa / DCP / 15min

Screenplay by: Tanja Schwerdorf

Directed by: Tanja Schwerdorf

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

​​Creative Producer: Julia Ritschel

Production: Tamtam Film GmbH


*TV: NDR 2016

*in cinemas 2015 "Nordshorts"

*Film Festival Münster, Germany 2015

*International Shortfilm Festival Detmold, Germany 2015

Overworked and underpaid, the 30 year-old filmset runner Jonathan tries to complete all the tasks that pelt down on him like a relentless rain shower. When he’s suddenly taken by surprise by a real downpour, he finds shelter where he least expects it.


 Stürzende Tauben / Tumbling Birds

​2012​ / RED mx / 4K->35mm / 20min

Screenplay by: Lena Krumkamp

Directed by: Esther Bialas

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Creative Producer: Julia Ritschel

Production: Hamburg​ Media School 

*Best Cinematography - Festival International de Escuelas de Cine      

  Barcelona, Spain 2013

*Best foreign short - New York International Short Film Festival, USA 2013​

*Best short - Lighthouse International FIlm Festival New Jersey, USA 2013

*Best youth` film - International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte

Potsdam, Germany 2013

*Best short / Jury Award - Film Festival Münster, Germany 2013

*Silver Pegasus - International Short Film Festival Montecatini,

  Italy 2013

*Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, USA 2013 competition

*​Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival Saarbrücken, Germany 2013 competition

The beginning of summer, the end of Svenja’s childhood: defenselessly she has to bear the cruelties and bullying from dazzling Janine and the rest of her peers, all for a little recognition. What Svenja is willing to sacrifice, comes as a surprise not only for Janine.


 ​​I have a boat​

​​​2011​ / S35mm, S16mm->35mm / 14min

Screenplay by: Lena Krumkamp

Directed by: Nathan Nill

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Creative Producer: Mathieu Miville

Production: Hamburg​ Media School 

*TV: arte, Germany 2013​

*Best short - Filmfest Bayreuth, Germany 2013

*Jury Award & Audience Award - Short Film Festival Kufstein, Austria 2012

​*Best short - International Filmfestival ContraVision Berlin, Germany 2012

*Best short - Kinofest Lünen, Germany 2012

*Best short - Lampenfieber Short Film Festival Frankfurt, Germany 2012

*Best short - Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück, Germany 2012​

*Best short - Grand Prix - Shortynale Klosterneuburg, Austria 2012

*Best short - Wendland Shorts, Germany 2012

*Best short - International Filmfest Emden, Germany 2012

*Best short "movy 2012" - Filmforum NRW, Germany 2012

*Best short - Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing, Germany 2012​

*Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival Saarbrücken, Germany 2012 competition

Piets's chances of a love life don't look good: with statistics proving that most couples meet at work, odds are against Piet. Living a fishermans life, working on a shrimp cutter with two men. However, an encounter with three blonds gives his love life a twist.


 ​​Acht Monate / Eight Months

​​​2011​ / 35mm / 7min

Screenplay by: Christin Schleuning

Directed by: Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Creative Producer: Frauke Kolbmüller

Production: Hamburg​ Media School 

*International Short Film Festival Montecatini, Italy 2012

*International Film Festival Srebrenica, Bosnia 2012

*Festroia International Film Festival Setùbal, Portugal 2012

*International Film Festival Artfilmfest Trencin, Slovak Republik 2012

*International Film Festival CinemadaMare, Italy 2012

*Black & White Film Festival Porto, Portugal 2012

Marine Mark plans his desertion from the Navy. With his girlfriend Anna he longs for a different life, a life in freedom, away from the Army. Anna is pregnant however and suddenly Mark has to decide what kind of life he really wants to live.



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