​​Fossil Q - Shy`m

​​​2017 / Alexa Mini / 2x 15sec

Directed by: Mike Beims

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Fossil

Production: Sirensrock

Agency: The Shack DMC

Commercial clips for Fossil Q campaign

"Fossil Firsts"

feat. french singer Shy`m




​​Nordlicht e.V. - violence goes around

​​​2018 / Alexa Mini / 40sec

Directed by: Mike Beims

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Nordlicht e.V.

Production: Sirensrock

Social Spot




Kim Sanders - Father

​​​2017 / Alexa Mini / 4min

Directed by: Guntram Krasting

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Deutscher Kinderverein e.V.

Production: Sirensrock

Deutscher Kinderverein e.V. message for the Universal Children’s Day 2017


Nothing justifies violence against children

In her new song, Kim Sanders deals with a childhood trauma



​​Eucerin - Aquaphor

​​​2018 / Alexa Mini / 3x20sec

Directed by: Mike Beims

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Eucerin

Production: Sirensrock

Agency: FCB Hamburg

3x 20sec international spots for Eucerin




Wincent Weiss - Regenbogen

​​​2015 / C300 / 4min

Directed by: Marcus Sternberg

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Universal Music

Production: Free The Dragon




​​Deka WestInvest InterSelect - Amsterdam

​​​2016 / C300 MarkII / 3min

Directed by: Mike Beims

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Deka Investments

Production: The Shack

Agency: Guru

Webcommercial for Deka Investments




Graziella Schazad - La Vie Change

​​​2015 / Alexa XT Plus / 3min

Directed by: Lilja Häfele

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Sony Music

Production: No Rational Product

"...Sensual video that uses dance to portray the difference between the innocent naivety of love and the attraction that can grow between two people."

(No Rational Product)



​​Ina Wroldsen - Rebels

​​​2015 / Alexa / 4min

Directed by: Mats Udd

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Universal Music Norway

Production: No Rational Product

"In a parallel world, where all the people live who see things differently, a woman takes a stroll through the city to meet them."

(No Rational Product)



Spiegel - Tatorte

​​​2015 / C300 / 3min

Directed by: Markus Skroblies

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Spiegel Gruppe

Production: The Shack / Sirensrock

Agency: Thjnk


*Silver Award Imagefilm @Die Klappe 2016


Imagefilm for Spiegel campaign 2015  "Keine Angst

vor der Wahrheit"


Shot 3 of 7 portraits: Özlem Gezer, Maria Gresz,

Dr. Hauke Janssen


​​Asher Monroe - Lonely Island

​​​2014 / RED Scarlet / 4min

Directed by: Gomillion & Leupold

DoP: Martin Neumeyer

Client: Warner Music Group

Production: Gomillion & Leupold Studios [us]

music video for US popstar Asher Monroe

shot as a summer after thought in Corsica





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